Monday, May 9, 2011

Aqsa Syarif praises the Egyptian government on the opening of the Rafah crossing

Aqsa Syarif welcomes with great delight the announcement made by the Egyptian foreign minister on the decision to keep the Rafah crossing into Gaza open indefinitely. This came at the time when the Egyptian people with their newfound freedom express their support openly for the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom.

The people of Malaysia is equally enthusiastic with this development and at last can look forward to a hopeful future for our Palestinian brethren who has been systematically denied of aid and assistance from the previous Mubarak regime. The initiatives by the interim government of Egypt is a big step on the long and arduous road towards restoration of the dignity of the Palestinian people, their rights of return and the eventual liberation of their homeland.

Aqsa Syarif is committed in supporting the Palestinian cause and will continue to work with the Egyptian government and people in ending the occupation of Palestine. Aqsa Syarif will play our part in promoting the Palestinian cause and will stand firm with the Government and the people of Malaysia in seeing through the liberation of Palestine and the holy land. Aqsa Syarif insists that Palestine is a sovereign state with Jerusalem as the capital. Aqsa Syarif also insist the holy sanctuary of al-Aqsa be reinstated and the status of Jerusalem as an open city for all religious affiliations (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) be restored.

Aqsa Syarif



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